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Game Design
ISNM Luebeck
Summer 2004

Guest Lecture


The goal of the project part was to build a computer game using technologies from tangible media, augmented reality, pervasive computing and computer graphics. The major requirement was to use a given set of sensors (light, pressure, acceleration, etc.) and actors (motors) from  phidgets.
First, all students had to deliver game ideas (see below). Afterwards, two teams have been built to realize the best two game ideas (student voting).

Project Ideas

Nicole Kohlrausch: Max
Nicole Kohlrausch: Ludo
Omar Hanoun: Puzzle
Brian Egan: The Lamp
Mohamadou Nassourou: PainWall
Ranjan Shetty: The Claw
Boy Avianto, Darren Carlson: GuardianAngel
Söhnke Dorn: FruitSalad
Abdul Ahad: RetteMich!
Wendy Ann Mansilla: Castle of Suleiman
Alma Azzoni: Holstentor, Devil amongst the Tailors, Hoop and Pole
Armen Kasamanyan: Billard
Project Realization

The following two games have been realized and demonstrated during the ISNM  OpenHouse'2004 event on July 30th at the MediaDocks.

Guardian Angel:


Fruit Salad:

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