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Ubiquitous Computing
ISNM Luebeck
Summer 2003

June 28
June 30
July 25
July 26
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Organization: International School of New Media (ISNM)
Duration: 32 hours block lecture (Start: June 28th 2003, End: July 26th, 2003)
Location: Lecture Room 50-1 (MediaDocks)

In this lecture the basic building blocks of the next era of computer usage are presented. Starting from the vision of Mark Weiser about invisible computer weaved in our daily life, current trends in computer developments are outlined and new technologies are listed, that could be used to realize this vision. The lecture continues with a set of research examples, prototypes and commercial products. Since Ubiquitous Computing is an interdisciplinary approach, discussions about privacy and security as well as general social impacts will be performed. Finally, a small demonstration setup is planned to show some features of Ubiquitous Computing.
Main trends (Moore's law, new materials, sensors), pervasive/mobile/embedded computing, devices, smart objects, multi-modality, computer systems, operating systems, processors, hardware, display technologies, wearable computers, smart clothes, sensor networks (smart dust), human computer interfaces, network technologies, wireless networks (irDA, Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, GSM/GPRS, UMTS), adhoc networks, middleware and protocols (RPC, CORBA, JINI, RMI, WebServices, UpnP), applications, augmented reality, location awareness, security, privacy.

All course material will be available as *.pdf files which can be viewed in a freely available Acrobat pdf-viewer from Adobe, the »Acrobat Reader«: Please look at   »Acrobat Reader«.

The *.zip files are compressed files. You have to install »WinZip« on your machine to open it. »WinZip« can also be downloaded at   http://www.winzip.com.

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