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Ubiquitous Computing
ISNM Luebeck
Summer 2003

June 28
June 30
July 25
July 26
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June 28th: Introduction I


Vision and Trends, Examples


Slides 1-157
 Introduction.pdf.zip (7,499,776 Bytes)
Slides 158-208
 Examples.pdf.zip (2,433,024 Bytes)


 Internet Pioneers
 ArtMuseum.net: Krueger
 Weiser at Xerox
 Robin Southgate: Smart Toaster
 Teco Karlsruhe: Smart MediaCup
 Teco Karlsruhe: SmartIts
 The Portolano Project
 The Cooltown Project
 ETH Zurich: The RFID SmartChef Project
 MIT Timeline Wearables: Shannon/Thorp
 wearcam.org: Steve Mann
 Pioneer: Wearable Jacket
 Infinion: Smart Carpet
 University of Illinois: Smart Bricks
 EU Project: The Disappearing Computer
 IBM: The Wearable Computer
 ETH Zurich: Electronic Textiles
 XEROX Parc: Gyricon
 EInk.com: Electronic Paper
 Philips Research: Electronic Paper
 www.covion.com (OLED)
 www.billbuxton.com (Reactive Environments)
 Kinetic Sciences Inc. (Overview of fingerprint sensors)
 Veridicom (Fingerprint Sensors)
 Furuno (GPS Scanner)
 U-Blox (GPS Chip)
 Casio Protrek (GPS Watch)
 Buxton et.al.: Reactive Room
 Wellner: Digital Desk
 GMD/Berkeley: Responsive WorkBench
 Boulder: The Adaptive House
 Georgia Institute of Technology: The Aware Home
 InHaus Duisburg
 Alexander Hegius Gymnasium Ahaus (AHG): EasyLiving House
 Microsoft: The SPOT project
 Philips: The Mirror Display
 Ambient Devices: The Ambient ORB
 Philips: Living Memory
 Philips: Nebula
 Philips HomeLab

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