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October 20th: What is Multimedia Technology? (Part I)


What is Multimedia Technology? Some current trends and research topics, Course outline, Seminar Talks, Assignments, Groupwork, Workshops, Students: Who are you? What are your backgrounds? What do you expect? History and Trends of Media Technology, Timeline of Computer Development

Slides 1-17
 04_10_04_FlyOver.pdf (900,686 Bytes)

Slides 18-60
 04_10_20_HistoryTrends_I.pdf (3,030,959 Bytes)


 Networks and Internet
 Internet Society: All About The Internet
 ITU Internet Statistics

Take a look here to see a nice combination of old and new technologies:  The Optical Turntable (ETH Lausanne)

Ray Kurzweil
Homo S@piens, The Age of Spiritual Machines,
Viking Press, London, 1999. In german: Econ Verlag, 2000.
Gordon E. Moore
Cramming More Components Onto Integrated Circuits,
Electronics, April 19, 1965.
Atlanta Board of Education
Sound Recording and Reproduction,
Erpi Classroom Films (1963)
 AVI File, MPEG-2 Layer 3 Audio, DivX video (33,269,566 Bytes)
Thomas Edison
Little Lamp,
Phonograph Recording (1877)
Haydn Quartet
Columbian Anthem,
Gramaphon Recording (1895)
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