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Multimedia Technology
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The following building blocks are essential for the grading of Media Technology participation.

Building Blocks of Grading

Group Work (10%) - Successful participation in the group work implies responsibility of work items and reports about the results
Seminar (20%) - The grade of the seminar consists of the slide set quality, your presentation, and the summary report.
Home Assignments (20%) - Timely delivered and correctly performed home assignments
Oral Examination (50%) - Approximately 25 minutes of questions and answers

Oral Examination

The following parts of the lectures will be covered in the oral examination:

Digital Multimedia Systems (Slides 109-144)
Digitalization (Slides 145-160)
Digital Video (Slides 161-176)
What is Sound? Human Aural System (Slides 177-180, 186)
Digital Audio (Slides 188-197)
What is Light? Human Visual System (Slides 198-206)
Color Spaces (Slides 218-264)
Digital Multimedia Systems, Information Theory, Source Coding, Compression (Slides 267-307)
Audio Compression (Slides 309-340)
Psycho-Acoustic Modeling, MPEG-1 Audio Compression (Slides 350-357)
Image Compression (Slides 363-397)
Video Compression (Slides 399-413)
Video Compression, H.26x, MPEG-1/2 (Slides 415-435)

The following parts of the lectures will NOT be covered in the oral examination. Of course you can speak about these topics during the examination, but no explicit questions will be asked.

History of Multimedia Technology (Slides 19-60)
Future of Multimedia Technology (Slides 61-108)
The inner structure of the ear (Slides 181-185, 187)
Human Visual System: Effects (Slides 207-217)
Speech Quality Evaluation (Slides 341-349)
MPEG-2 AAC Audio, MPEG-4 Audio, Proprietary Codecs (Slides 357-361)
Video Compression MPEG-4 (Slides 436-450)

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