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Organization: University of Karlsruhe
Department: Data Communications, Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Friedrich K. Jondral
Lecture Number: 33548
Duration: 2 Hours per week during the sommer semester (Start: April 30th 2003, End: July 23th, 2003)
Date: Wednesday, 11.30 - 13.00
Location: Engelbert Arnold Lecture Hall 11.10 (Engesserstrasse)
Examination: Aural, approx. 25 min., Please apply at the Institut für Nachrichtentechnik, Room Nr. 608
Requirements: Core lecture Jondral - Nachrichtenübertragung (additional helpful: Stehle - Digitale Netze und ATM)
Special: We will have some invited guests for special topics (Quality-of-Service, DiffServ, Java & MultiMedia)

In the lecture »Nachrichtenübertragung«, computer networks have been described from a system theoretical point of view. In this lecture we will use the Internet to realize multimedia applications. We start with an introduction to the properties of the human perception mechanism. Then, source coding for audio, images and video will be explained and the requirements for the transport of realtime data will be defined. Afterwards, we intoduce the basic mechanisms of the network and transport layer of the Internet. After demonstrating some example multimedia applications, we will introduce some more complex architectures for the support of media streaming with QoS (Quality-of-Service).
IP, UDP, TCP, OSI, IETF, audio, speech, psychoacoustics, audio/visual human system, color spaces, source coding, DCT, PCM, CELP, GSM, JPEG, MPEG, wavelets, fractals, VQ, BTC, CCC, motion compensation, image formats, audio and video quality measures, digitalization, quantization, sampling, adaptive multimedia, Quality-of-Service monitoring, RTP/RTCP.

All course material will be available as *.pdf files which can be viewed in a freely available Acrobat pdf-viewer from Adobe, the »Acrobat Reader«: Please look at   »Acrobat Reader«.

The *.zip files are compressed files. You have to install »WinZip« on your machine to open it. »WinZip« can also be downloaded at   http://www.winzip.com.

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