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July 16th: Multimedia Streaming
Guest Talk of Dr. Andreas Kassler
Distributed Systems, Department of Computer Science
University of Ulm


Flow and Congestion Control, Adaptive Streaming


 Kassler_MultimediaStreaming.pdf.zip (964,108 Bytes)


 Andreas Kassler (University of Ulm)
 Transmitting Scalable Video over a DiffServ Network,
(A. Markopoulou and S. Han, EE 368C Final Project, Stanford University)

S. Floyd, M. Handley, J. Padjye, J. Widmer: Equation-based congestion control for unicast applications., In Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM (pp. 43-56).   NEC Citeseer Server
J. Mahdavi, S. Floyd: TCP-Friendly Unicast Rate-Based Flow Control., Technical note sent to the end2end-interest mailing list, January 8, 1997.   Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
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