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April 30th: Introduction


Definitions: Data, Networks, Multimedia; History of Telecommunication (Computer and Internet), Future of Telecommunication


Slides 1-73 (not relevant for examination!)
 Introduction.pdf.zip (4.405.034 Bytes)


 Von Neumann Architecture
 CBN History: Radio/Broadcasting Timeline
 The Computer History Museum
 Intel Corporation Museum, Santa Clara, California, USA
 Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing
 The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive
 The History of Computers at Meeting Tomorrow
 Computer History Organizations and Museums
 Networks and Internet
 Internet Society: All About The Internet
 ITU Internet Statistics

Ray Kurzweil
Homo S@piens, The Age of Spiritual Machines,
Viking Press, London, 1999. In german: Econ Verlag, 2000.
Gordon E. Moore
Cramming More Components Onto Integrated Circuits,
Electronics, April 19, 1965.
Robert M. Metcalfe
How Ethernet Was Invented,
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, Volume 16, No. 4, Winter 1994, p. 84.

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