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Digital Libraries
ISNM Luebeck
Summer 2004

Guest Lecture

New Service Ideas for future Libraries

The idea of the Digital Library seminar was to brainstorm and outline possible new services for the library of the future (based on PDA, augmented reality, tangible media, RFID, etc.) The documents here are intended to document the brainstorm results and are not intended as complete seminar papers.

Sönke Dorn: Using a PDA as a book list memory
 SoenkeDohrn_PDABookList.pdf (1,333,772 Bytes)
Omar Hanoun: PDA Tourguide with LED on Shelves
 OmarHanoun_TourGuide.pdf (107,204 Bytes)
Imran Ahmad: Using an AVATAR as a library information system
 ImranAhmad_Avatar.pdf (96,836 Bytes)
Ranjan Shetty: 3D views, augemented beams, gesture interfaces and touch screens
 RanjanShetty_Visualization.pdf (100,971 Bytes)
Darren Carlson: OneBood using electronic paper and location-based information access
 DarrenCarlson_OneBOOK.pdf (55,525 Bytes)
Brian Egan: Memory Space with displays hanging from the ceiling
 BrianEgan_MemorySpace.pdf (71,902 Bytes)
Alma Salim: RFID Whiteboard, foldable InfoDesks, automatic personalized tables
 AlmaAzzoni_RFIDWhiteboard.pdf (974,998 Bytes)
Fernanda Scur: Tangible Menue Design for Information Desk
 FernandaScur_TangibleInfoDesk.pdf (633,289 Bytes)
Wendy-Ann Mansilla: Libhen - The Ubiquitous Library Object-Tracking and Intelligent Route Planner
 WendyAnnMansilla_Libhen.pdf (422,516 Bytes)
Abdul Ahad: Shouting Books
 AbdulAhad_ShoutingBooks.pdf (78,973 Bytes)
Armen Kasamanyian: Robot based Self-Service Library
 ArmenKasamanyan_RFID.pdf (12,436 Bytes)
Mohammadou Nassourou: Knob-based Menue Design for Information Desk
 MohamadouNassourou_KnobInterface.pdf (32,306 Bytes)
Boy Avianto: Personalized Information Desk with memory functions
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