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Digital Libraries
ISNM Luebeck
Summer 2004

Guest Lecture

Project :: ISNM Tangible Digital Archive

In the Digital Library project student projects are represented with physical objects in a shelf. The objects are equipped with electronic (RFID) labels. Placed on the "smart desk" inside the library, the label ID is scanned by an inbuilt antenna and the respective project description is shown automatically on the attached display. By simply placing the tangible physical objects onto the "smart desk" the system allows easy queries without any complex human-computer-interactions. The system was presented at the   ISNM OpenHouse'2004 event on July 30st 2004 at the MediaDocks in Lübeck.

ISNM Tangible Archive

Exhibition       Exhibition
The following student projects are currently contained in the archive:
Abdul Ahad:  My Class Mates
Imran Ahmad:  Hulk Trailer
Boy Avianto:  Play
Darren Carlson:  WayPoints Interactive
Soenke Dohrn:  Drum'n'Bass Music
Brian Egan:  Projections
Omar A. Hanoun:  Henry V Trailer
Armen Kasamanyan:  Windows'2004
Wendy Ann Mansilla:  Hulk Trailer
Mohamadou Nassourou:  Camsecurity
Alma Salim:  Chicago Trailer
Fernanda Scur:  Collective Memory
Ranjan Shetty:  Tere Naam
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