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Human Computer Interfaces
ISNM Luebeck
Winter 2005


Organization: International School of New Media (ISNM)
Duration: 4 CP - 48 lecture hours
Location: Seminar Room (MediaDocks)

This course is held jointly with Prof. Dr. Joachim Hasebrook.
The following information is only for the second part of the course dealing with technical issues of HCI

Qualification Objectives:
Understand the cognitive and technological aspects of Human-Computer Interaction and how this relates to different interaction styles.
Develop an understanding of how new paradigms of computing extend current desktop interfaces.
The course consists of lectures, project presentations and a small seminar.
Details will be given in slides.
Technological aspects of Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
Advanced user interfaces and computing paradigms, e.g., tangible media, mixed reality, gesture interface, speech processing, brain & body interfaces, ubiquitous user interfaces, etc.

All course material will be available as *.pdf files which can be viewed in a freely available Acrobat pdf-viewer from Adobe, the »Acrobat Reader«: Please look at   »Acrobat Reader«.

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