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Game Design
ISNM Luebeck
Winter 2007


Organization: International School of New Media (ISNM)
Duration: 40 lecture hours = 4 CP (Start: Dec. 2007)
Location: Seminar Room I and PC Lab6 (MediaDocks)

Special Guest:
As a special guest, we have   Bo Kampmann Walther from the University of South Denmark in Odense talking about Theoretical Aspects of Pervasive Gaming, New Design Approaches to Ubiquitous Games, Critically Examine Existing Beyond-The-Screen-Games, and Storytelling.

The game design course focusses on new aspects of digital computer games. After a brief historical overview starting from the first TicTacToe game on oscilloscops to the latest first-person-ego-shooter on dedicated gaming hardware different trends, technologies and categories of games will be discussed.
We then show new trends in game design, mainly from human-computer interaction.
In this course, a pervasive, mobile, augmented reality game will be developed (see project section).
Game history, game categories, game development strategies, human-computer interfaces, virtuality-reality-continuum, tangible media games, pervasive games.

Please note, that the examination will take between 20-40 minutes.
No materials are allowed. Pen and paper will be provided.

We will first discuss your contribution to the game project. Please prepare arguments for your part, possible alternative ways, restrictions, tools, etc.

In the second part, we will discuss the lecture topics.
Please be ready to present general concepts. We will not discuss details of algorithms, software or hardware. Instead you should be able to explain new trends in computing and the respective influence to game design and game categories. It's not important to know specific game examples, but it might help you to explain general concepts with a concrete example. Some ideas of the history of game development would be required as well.

All course material will be available as *.pdf files which can be viewed in a freely available Acrobat pdf-viewer from Adobe, the »Acrobat Reader«: Please look at   »Acrobat Reader«.

The *.zip files are compressed files. You have to install »WinZip« on your machine to open it. »WinZip« can also be downloaded at   http://www.winzip.com.

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