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Multimedia Communications
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June 3
June 3rd: Audio Perception and Coding


The Human Aural System, History of Sound Technology, Digital Audio, Speech Quality Evaluation, Psycho-Acoustics, Human Speech Production, Audio Compression (Waveform Codecs, Model-based Codecs, Hybrid Codecs, Psycho-Acoustic Codecs)


Slides (1-105)
 AudioPerceptionAndCoding.pdf.zip (2,363,402 Bytes)


 Recording Technology History, Steve Schoenherr (University of San Diego)
 Fraunhofer, MPEG Audio
 Telecom Italia Lab, Official MPEG Home Page
 MPEG.ORG, MPEG Pointers and Resources
 Rec. P.800.1 (MOS), ITU-T
 Opticom Inc., Quality Measurement Products

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This is just a very short list, several hundreds of references are available ...
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