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Digital Media Development: Internet Streaming
ISNM Luebeck
Summer 2004


ALADIN - Streaming Server


ALADIN is the mobile extension of the CYBERLOUNGE project, developed in Ubiquitous Computing Class 2003 (http://isnm.de/cyberlounge)
User's are equipped with mobile devices, that are able to scan their location by using Infrared and Bluetooth location tracking techniques. A PC/laptop version using RFID labels and Infrared will be also available. Users have to register at the device using biometic access methods (in our case we use a PDA with inbuilt fingerprint scanner). Also objects can be identified using RFID labels. This context information (user, location, objects) triggers a list of context-based services to be available. These services can be customized and tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the respective context spot.

Participants of this class have specified, designed and implemented a streaming server for the ALADIN project. Audio and video files for the ALADIN services as well as film clips for the 'Digital Film and Video Development Class' are supported by a Helix Streaming Server installation. For this purpose, scripts have been provided to transform the raw video material. Beside a 90 rotation to support the landscape display, the size has been reduced to the display resolution of 320*240 pixel and the video has been compressed into different datarate parameters.
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