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Interactive Digital Television
ISNM Luebeck
Summer 2005

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Organization: International School of New Media (ISNM)
Duration: 32 lecture hours = 3 CP (Start: April 4th 2003, End: June 3rd, 2005)
Location: Media Docks and MMC Kiel (schedule to be announced)

This course is performed as a co-operation between the Multimedia Campus (  MMC) in Kiel.
First, theoretical lectures about the technical foundations of television in general and the specific requirements for interactive digital television are given by Prof. Schrader (ISNM) and Prof. Dr. Gerd Weber (  Weber)

The second part is performed as a one-day workshop performed by Dirk Max Johns, Head of the New Media Television Department of the European Broadcast Union (  EBU). Dirk Johns presents a case study for the german television program ZDF, where he was head of the new media department for several years. Also an overview of the european interactive television market will be given.

In the third part, a complete interactive television program based on DVB-C, the cable version of the Digital Video Broadcast standard will be produced by the participants. Whereas the video footage will be provided by the 'Digital Film and Video Production' course at the ISNM and the interface design will be provided by the 'Web Design' course, here we will integrate this input using the Cardinal software package.
Main trends (Moore's law, new materials, sensors), pervasive/mobile/embedded computing, devices, smart objects, multi-modality, display technologies, wearable computers, smart clothes, sensor networks (smart dust), human computer interfaces, adhoc networks, applications, augmented reality, location awareness, security, privacy.

All course material will be available as *.pdf files which can be viewed in a freely available Acrobat pdf-viewer from Adobe, the »Acrobat Reader«: Please look at   »Acrobat Reader«.

The *.zip files are compressed files. You have to install »WinZip« on your machine to open it. »WinZip« can also be downloaded at   http://www.winzip.com.

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